Tragic end

Money cannot ensure happiness. The biggest example was there in front of us today. Sushant Singh Rajput, a renowned face of Bollywood, commited suicide. He had all the luxuries and conveniences, but didn’t have someone to talk to for eschewing the melancholic thoughts and averting this tragedy. More and more people are becoming vulnerable to depression, and it is not a joke. Psychological problems are often ignored as the pain is not visible to others, but these are more grave as they are silent killers; no one knows what a person might be going through. It is vital to keep ourselves psychologically sound. We need to start taking out time to talk to ourselves, and instead of becoming an escapist, we should try to cope with the things that are causing havoc in our mind on priority basis. We also need to try to comprehend the mental state of our loved ones to prevent the pain of bereavement.


Review of “An Enemy of the People”

Time and time again your patience is tested and your voice is stifled. You make persistent efforts to bring the truth in front of people, but they take solace in the pseudo fact that ignorance is bliss. There this ignorance even deprives you of your freedom. Even after working for the welfare of others, sans thinking about your own self, what you get is public outcry. You become an enemyof the people because you make them realize their cowardness. They don’t want to be disentangled from this web of lies in which they have learnt to live. There are some who will understand, but lack the courage to do anything, or, you can say, donot want any sort of discomfort in their, ironically, full of thorns life; inconsiderate as they are they again get ready to tread the same path of slavery because that is what they are ingrained with. Perhaps the strongest ones are able to stand alone against the majority which for sure always cast a vote for the wrong.


Lost love

There was a time when I revered my day and night being dictated by u

Life directed by you was a desire fostered by my heart

I gave u my heart, soul, and body

My love abided by no boundaries

Blindfolded I moved rhythmically with ur words

There was no world beyond our world

Disguised you deceived me every second

A new whip everyday prepared to take was my heart

Despair engulfed my soul with no hand to pull me out

Mired in your own lies you now ask for the dead love

Wounds irretrievable are now engraved forever on my heart..



The free bird that I’m

I lack the stoicism when my flight gets controlled

My unbridled movements pierce some hearts

Impuissant they try to curtail me of this freedom

Their efforts go in vain

The irrepressible soul as I possess..



I want tranquility..

I want the fresh air to cuddle me, making me skip a beat..

The touch which would be the purest..

I want to be realized who I am ..

In the lap of nature I might discover my lost soul..



It’s too easy to spread hatred among people. Everyone is ready to see others getting brutally killed, to see the bloodshed of innocent people. Is it due to illiteracy? No, because I have witnessed the highly qualified people letting this seed of hatred to sprout. It’s always the politicians and the terrorists who join hands to establish their supremacy, but the ones who always suffer are the normal people. This is not going to end till people all over the world unite and understand that they all are same, and are getting manipulated by a few who practice divide and rule. When will people gain wisdom to get rid of hegemony. I am an Indian, but I don’t hate Pakistan because I know there are people who are like us who want freedom and peace. Why due to the brutal acts of a few are we making them suffer. I don’t know where this all is going to end.


Never ending needs..

How hard can money make life? Our relationship with money is quite ambiguous. On the one side it fulfills our needs and on the other side it encourages never satiating demands. So, the whole world is in one race, the pursuit of money. I wonder how beautiful life was earlier as there was no money. People felt content. They didn’t know about anything else than their small world. The only thing that they desired was love, and food to survive. How simplistic life they were living! The advent of money has engulfed everyone in its blindfold. Where ever I see, I can find only one cause behind every deceit, betrayal, crime and misdeed. People are killing each other, betraying each other just for money. All the relations are fading and the only thing that is unprecedently glittering in everyone’s eye is money. The time that humans used to spend with each other is now spent in accumulation of wealth. This urge to become richer will someday burn the whole world.


Irredeemable loss

Dear Grandma,

It’s been five years since I lost you forever. We all knew this was an irredeemable loss which will have a resounding affect on our lives. Till date the wounds are fresh and resonate the same question in our minds, “why God took a great soul like you away from us?” You always gave me strength, you always inculcated positivity in my life. No one can ever fill the void created by your absence. The selfless love that you showered around can not be retrieved. I know your memories will always make me feel your presence, but I want to have a sigh of relief in your lap, I want to savour your food, I want to tease you, I want to relive all those moments with you..


Bitter coldness

The pervasive coldness

Withers my heart

Time and again

The efforts go in vain

Faces change

Intensifying my rage

Till when will the masks last

Till when will the notes work

Cause my heart ain’t gonna heal

The different wounds with same notes