To my extended WordPress family


I can write this. My happiness right now is just because of you all. Thank you so much for motivating me to write more and more. I think you people are the best. Your motivation and love compelled me to write more and more. It is really a bliss to share my writings with you all. I just love you all. I am so happy to reach 100+ in WordPress. Once again thank you so much without you my companionship with my writing was incomplete. Thank you for this completion. I love you a lot my WordPress family. ❤️❤️


Personification of bane of technology

Just imagine if you are forced to see the personification of the banes of technology 24×7 in front of you what your mental condition would be like. This is the worst feeling and you can get a clue of it from this that even while thinking and writing about it I’m feeling that my brain is going to blast any next second. The personification of bane of technology is right in front of my eyes even a slight glimpse of her foot, hand, leg and even finger makes me feel like killing myself. 

How can a person spend whole day every hour, minute and second of her by watching one thing or the other on phone, that too not informational but melodramas and by stalking celebrities. The height can be imagined that exams are going on and still it has no effect on her capacity of consuming phone 24×7. I feel so helpless at this pathetic sight. How can a person can’t even spare out an hour for study during exams. It feels like there’s an ever perpetual dead statue in front of me to make me realise what technology has done to this world. I feel like throwing my phone when I see her. The only area of her life is the bed. There is nothing more.

What is the use of such technology which creates a simulation that technology bring countries together, whereas the truth is that it creates so many countries within a room which are not accessible to each other. 

Don’t mind my pathetic drawing the roughness of this drawing delineates my mental condition, I’m too stressed out that I can’t even draw this properly. I feel like all my creativity is paralysed in the shadow of this PBT. I hope I’ll soon recover from this mental trauma and pen down something good for you.


Wings of happiness

Happiness has wings to fly. Whenever there is some happy moment, no one is able to keep it to their own self. I don’t know whether this is the case with everyone or not but surely with Indians. We Indians love to share our happiness with the whole world. It is a good habit indeed, you get a chance to rain happiness around. Whenever something good happens, we are in a habit of beating drum in the whole world. 

Life is so problematic these days and the moments to cherish are so less in comparison. This makes me remember the woman working in our house. One day while standing in kitchen she came to me with full cloud of happiness on her face. Her face was glowing with happiness. She commenced, taking some names and their marriage story. The house she was living in was now lively as a marriage was going to take place there. Marriages in India are a bliss. They are the best stress bursters. The enjoyment and functions extend to a full month. I was not at all aware of the people she was flaunting about but the happiness on her face was encumbering me to stay and listen to her. I was getting late for my class but I couldn’t resist her. After quite a long time I was able to get free from her hold. This continued for a whole month. Everyday this was our favorite gossip topic. Her stomach remained loaded with these talks for a full month and the glow on her face was increasing day by day. She was so entwined in this marriage that I got worried for her, what would she do after the end of all these functions. But I was wrong, happiness is always there for those who seek it. After a few days she found a new interest and her happiness too. It feels good to have such jolly persons around you. They are the true pursuiters of happiness.

Do you have such person around you?


Are we really free?

How much are your actions in your control? Note your mundane activities are they really what you want to indulge in?  Minutes pass, days pass, weeks pass, months pass, years pass and the whole life passes away but do you feel it has passed in the desired way?  The decisions that you make are they really always your decisions made in a freewill zone?

The answer to this question is no and everyone consciously or unconsciously is aware of this fact. Then what really is grasping us like an ever invisible rope in our necks suffocating us whenever we try to fly. There is always a feeling of oppression present like a perpetual ghost chaining us with its bar. 

From the early childhood we are stamped with a name which ties us with certain ideology set prepared to be served from the birth. Everything is predetermined even before a child gains consciousness and is aware enough of what she/he wants. No you are getting it wrong now. It is not God who is controlling our actions but instead someone else who has made puppets out of us. 

       To be continued…. 

Can anyone guess??


Pangs of night

When the night falls heavy 

When the sun seems dejected

I feel blind with no light to escape

I feel entrapped in bars inescapable 

I search for hands to unprison my soul

Even death seems to disconsolate 

Ohhh the pangs of night

Go away the pangs of night…