Irredeemable loss

Today while delivering lecture on plagiarism, I realised how overdependant we are on technology. There is not even a single query that we try to resolve on our own. To rescue ourselves, we never even realise that we have brain at our side which can unravel any puzzle. Our academic skills are gravely deteriorating, we can’t even write a single piece of paper without taking any sort of help from internet. The analytical skills that humans have possessed from the aboriginal times and that have helped them to evolve are now seldom in usage. No one is realising the importance of creative writing skills. If this trend continues, soon there will be no writings which could help us to escape from this world and to transcend the domain of matter. Our soul will starve for food. We will be bereft of the artists who reflect the complexities of an age in a very subtle manner..


Never seen, never felt

I could hear her incessant cry of despair

entrapped in a room

with no one for her rescue

no one to alleviate her sorrows

many heard her painful shrieks

the screams piercing their soul

so deep were her wounds

never seen, never felt..



Sometimes everything appears tormenting. The way things combine to augment stress, leaves me in a state of utter despair. The dilemma of whether to let myself submerge or not always rings like a loud bell in my mind, taking away the peace of my mind. Each day I try to emerge out with double force but get suppressed even more gravely. All way around people come to stifle me to hell but I stay for more. The more I see, the more I want to see, the death of humanity.


RIP Humanity

We live in a country where human life has no value. Everyday a woman is raped in every part of India and the irony is that in these parts they also pray in front of Mother Durga. The height of diplomacy is that on one side they are devotees of Goddesses and on the other side they are the rapists. These people go to holy temples daily but never bother about the real abode of God, i.e. human soul. Their souls are contaminated, their eyes are full of lust, their mouths are full of abuses, their mind is full of vicious thoughts but still they go to temples and think that they have their right on God. These monsters think they are religious and go to temples and chant prayers but not even a single one of them have miniscule knowledge of what actually is written inside these holy books. They never bother to gain knowledge. For them religion is all about going to temples. The priests are the most corrupt persons and fool people by sprawling fake knowledge. They try to overpower people by creating fear of religion in their minds. But now it is high time to realise that when a girl can get raped in the most sacred place and tortured to death, then are they really sacred? Is there any holy book which justifies this inhuman action. Raping a girl just because she is Muslim is this what Hindu religion preaches. When will people stop exploiting on the name of religion. Where were the lacs of Hindu gods or any god pertaining to any religion when a small girl was getting raped brutally for eight days in a temple. Do government still needs any time to decide their punishment.


But I rose

People tried to suppress me

They tried to choke my voice

But I rose

Everyday my soul was raped

I was asked to shut my voice

But I rose

Each new day brought new torture

All efforts were made to stifle me

But I rose

My soul was torn away

My heart was bereft of love

I still rose

Tattered I carried my light around

My wounds became my sound..


Why such diplomacy

While scrolling my newsfeed, I saw this picture, and it just burnt me to my core. Every day so many girls and women are getting raped and still the government has time to show their diplomacy. Whenever India shows some advancement these manipulative people entangle them in the web of religion and bring them 10 steps back. The pain that a women goes through can it be defined? She is tortured mentally and physically, even tortured to death and still all over world government needs second thoughts to impose any stringent law against rapists. This news made me feel like as if they are saying that it’s not okay to rape a girl below 12, but we give you consent to rape the girls above 12. How can a person have second thoughts even after seeing such brutal murder of a woman. They should be charged with both murder and rape and should be beaten to death in front of the whole community. Only then will such people shiver even while thinking of taking any such step. Instead of their own second thoughts they should make these butchers think twice.

Why don’t this hypocrisy demolish?? They know very well that most of the times their so called well wishers are involved in these brutal rapes. Wish people get out of religious wars and pay heed to the actual issues.


Career or love

How can a person decide what is important and what is not? There is always one question that arise everywhere i.e love or career. And shockingly majority of people choose career over love. It’s not there fault it is what they have been taught throughout their lives that there is nothing above money. And ironically their own teachings leave them in old age homes one day. How can a person say to choose a thing over a being. How can someone teach such selfishness. Whenever I observe people pursuing their career by hurting their loved ones it pierce my heart. The incessant murder of humanity is unbearable. Don’t know where these assumptions will end. Money can neither buy happiness nor relations. Whereas love can give you the strength to achieve your goals. Try to move ahead with one who has left everything behind for you.