A word without sound

How difficult it still is to say the word vagina publically, for woman in this epoch too. There are innumerable women who haven’t articulated the world in their entire lives. Why is it so that men can proudly flaunt about their penis but while saying or hearing the word vagina everyone gets uncomfortable. Even the worse, a girl even can’t say the word vagina in front of the other girl whether she be her sister, mother or friend. The word vagina is substituted by, there or down there. Every part of female genitalia become down there or there. We never hear the word clitoris being introduced to us by mother or teachers. It takes so many years for a woman to know that such a part exists in her own body. This is really strange. The reason is that it has no other function than to give pleasure. If such organ was there in male body there’s no doubt how much it would have been heard about. The irony is men know more about women’s body than majority of the women do.

Do you think that we have really eradicated all the barriers of inequality??


Finding myself

How fast life changes.

I don’t know what’s happening around. I feel we get trapped somehow unconsciously in the hustle bustle of life and lose ourselves. Do you know who you are? That’s the toughest question to answer. With age we keep on losing hold of our real selves. This is the reason for every stifle, for our unfulfilled expectations, for our unhappiness because somewhere even we don’t know what we are expecting and what we want.


Weird dreams

I really want to know how these dreams are forged. They are so creative and totally new. And yes weird too. I think if we start jotting down our dreams we can all be the owner of a creative story book comprising all genres. Sometimes they are just totally bewildering ones.

Yesterday, I dreamt that an aeroplane, oh stop let me first define its shape. It was too thin and too long. Then it’s take off platform was a slide that too 80° angle slide. First 3 aeroplanes crashed but like we have some veto power to mould our dreams so luckily everyone was safe. The fourth one succeeded in taking off and after reaching a great height I don’t know how the platform on which we were standing on the ground watching that aeroplane changed. What we saw now was horrendous, six boys came out of the aeroplane and were sticking to the edge of the plane. Now instead of slide there was a small swimming pool down. They jumped one by one from such a great height but somehow landed in that tiny swimming pool safely. They all landed safely and the aeroplane too was safe. The happy ending..

What was this?? Dreams are too weird.. Do share your weird and funny dreams.


First job 

Let’s share the experience of first job. How your experience was? Where you compromised? What changes came in your life?

I have started my first job. The experience is totally different. It’s my third day and the first change I want to talk about is getting up early, this is the most difficult task. Getting up early and then getting ready on time and then reaching on time. I know it’s too much for the morning. The second experience is of giving your whole day to someone. Your day, your commitment job takes a lot from you. The best part is getting the tea. I always used to envy teacher’s tea and now I’m getting one. 

Share your experience


To my extended WordPress family


I can write this. My happiness right now is just because of you all. Thank you so much for motivating me to write more and more. I think you people are the best. Your motivation and love compelled me to write more and more. It is really a bliss to share my writings with you all. I just love you all. I am so happy to reach 100+ in WordPress. Once again thank you so much without you my companionship with my writing was incomplete. Thank you for this completion. I love you a lot my WordPress family. ❤️❤️


Personification of bane of technology

Just imagine if you are forced to see the personification of the banes of technology 24×7 in front of you what your mental condition would be like. This is the worst feeling and you can get a clue of it from this that even while thinking and writing about it I’m feeling that my brain is going to blast any next second. The personification of bane of technology is right in front of my eyes even a slight glimpse of her foot, hand, leg and even finger makes me feel like killing myself. 

How can a person spend whole day every hour, minute and second of her by watching one thing or the other on phone, that too not informational but melodramas and by stalking celebrities. The height can be imagined that exams are going on and still it has no effect on her capacity of consuming phone 24×7. I feel so helpless at this pathetic sight. How can a person can’t even spare out an hour for study during exams. It feels like there’s an ever perpetual dead statue in front of me to make me realise what technology has done to this world. I feel like throwing my phone when I see her. The only area of her life is the bed. There is nothing more.

What is the use of such technology which creates a simulation that technology bring countries together, whereas the truth is that it creates so many countries within a room which are not accessible to each other. 

Don’t mind my pathetic drawing the roughness of this drawing delineates my mental condition, I’m too stressed out that I can’t even draw this properly. I feel like all my creativity is paralysed in the shadow of this PBT. I hope I’ll soon recover from this mental trauma and pen down something good for you.