‘being realistic’

I want to share my experience when I tried to shun away all my fantasies and tried to be a realist. Usually we feel everyone around us should be loyal to us and we should know every minute detail about them. But trust me it’ll ruin your life. This earth would no more be a living place for you. We all are living a dusty life with so many fantasies in our subconscious mind. I used to contemplate that if every one would stop wearing masks and stop being diplomats life would be much easier but no that’s again a fantasy. You will be alone and would no longer be able to be amiable with human race. I went through this traumatic stage. I stopped talking with my friends as I started delving deeper and digging out the organic truth of my relationships with them. Initially I was very optimistic about this whole idea of reality. But the moment the truths unveiled my despair reached its peak and I was not able to accept a single truth. I still curse the moment when I thought of being realistic. In this attempt of being realistic ironically I was left alone to fantasize. But luckily now I am able to get myself out of this freaking idea of reality..