Finding happiness

Have you ever given a precious minute of your life to this idea of the jar full of happiness. I can’t keep my heart away from this whole concept. Just wonder how amazing it would be if we start penning our daily dose of happiness. We always remember the things that contribute to our melancholic mood at the end of the day, but instead if we start looking at the brighter side of it and start recalling in tranquility the moments that made us feel the most amazing in the whole day. I can picture that amazing moment of reading all these little doses of laughter at the end of the month or year. I can imagine myself with lots of emotions in my eyes and living and laughing out the happiness of 365 days in a moment. I’m going to give a try to this amazing idea. We have so many things to lament on in our life but only a few to laugh on so why to waste these special occasions. Let us jolt down these sweet cherishable memories and drink life to the lees.


“The human”

I am human

My brutal hands

know no limits.

Lands and lands in front of me
I am human

I am the fear of universe

No hawk can suppress me

My manners are tearing off humanity
I do what I please 

Because I am human

Whole creation is in my hands

Nothing can escape me.


Are we really a part of the so called “literate era”

I am unable to stop myself from penning my emotions and sharing them with you. To commence, there are going to be elections in Punjab. I was horrified after observing the view point of my fellow students on this whole scenario of voting. Belonging to this era where knowledge and awareness are at peak , where everything is available within a flip of coin, is it sensible for the dwellers of this era especially the youth to be so ignorant. The most loathsome fact is that even the teachers who are looked upon as the preservers of the future of our nation and are believed to enlighten the paths of students are no less benight. Moreover, instead of instigating their students and explaining them the importance of elections they are themselves hindering them from voting. Is this education than in any aspect valuable if it can’t even make a person aware of the momentousness of voting. The institutions are always willing to give four lectures attendance to their students to attend a miniscule pathetic discourse of some ‘xyz’ person but are never inclined to take such measures for a national cause. It requires strenuous efforts to fancy the future of such nation where the guiding forces are the most ignorant ones.