Pangs of night

When the night falls heavy 

When the sun seems dejected

I feel blind with no light to escape

I feel entrapped in bars inescapable 

I search for hands to unprison my soul

Even death seems to disconsolate 

Ohhh the pangs of night

Go away the pangs of night…


Blogger Recognition Award

I would love to share this with all of you. So, today I got nominated for my first ever award as a blogger i.e. Blogger Recognition Award. All the credit goes to

Thank you sooo much for nominating me. Her blogs are a must watch, I am sure you’ll enjoy them.


 My blog story:

I love writing but was never able to write publicly due to my own fears. I was always afraid of expressing myself publicly and there was yet another fear that whether people would like what I write or not. But then I some how gained my strength and started writing blogs on WordPress. You all encouraged me a lot with your likes and comments. Each and every like worked as a catalyst and encouraged me to write more and more. Thank you so much for your love and appreciation, it really means a lot. 

Advice for new bloggers:

The first advise that I would like to give to the new bloggers is that write your heart out. All the creative and unique stuff comes directly from your heart. It will definitely appeal to others.

 The other thing that I would like to suggest is that be one of a kind and never try to copy someone else’s style or viewpoint. Have faith in your own self. Everyone is unique.

My nominees:


Beauty of villages

How artistic the dwellers of villages are. The enormous talent that they possess is unbelievable and can’t be described in words. They are the best companions of nature. I have tried to capture some pictures. Hope you like them.

The eye pleasing beauty of villages is marvellous. Each and every denizen of village is an artist. Here are just a few pictures to delineate how artistic they are.

I felt like capturing this mesmerizing piece of art. The name assigned to it by villagers is “Guhara.” How phenomenally and tactically are they woven with their hands. Don’t they deserve some appreciation and praise for their dexterity.

This is an other  example of their dexterity. They don’t need any scale or technology to draw such straight lines. They do it with their own hands and with utter perfection.

I was able to capture only a little but there are infinite artistic pieces present in villages. Maybe some other time I would be able to capture them. Hope you like them.


Nature and Life

How beautiful nature is. How surplus amount of beauty is hidden in every tiny object of nature. Just stop and look around, this life is really amazing and has a lot stored for us. Sitting in one corner of the terrace and observing nature is the best feeling in the world. The most desired duo of peace and harmony which is lost in the darkness of this epoch, is still preserved in nature. Only nature has the power to give the desired peace and solace to the soul. Each object of nature whether it be the part of sky, or on the terrace, or below has a power to mesmerize and behold our sight. Where ever I’m looking I can find one thing or the other hypnotizing me with it’s unique beauty. Even three shirts hanging on a wire to dry are able to hold my sight for a considerable duration of time. There’s so much beauty even in these three pieces of cloth. The way they are freely dancing and enjoying with the flow of wind, the alluring colours they carry in them, the wall behind them, the pot lying in an upside down position in front of my eyes every little thing has a sweet little story to share. 

The sounds of nature are passing my soul and filling my soul with dews of life, the sun rays are kissing my face, wind is crossing my heart, the sweet chirping of birds is filling my ears with love. Every part of nature has a hypnotizing effect which is carrying me away with it. Each second I’m spending with nature is rejuvenating my body and soul to the fullest.

Nature is full of love. Take a walk with nature it’ll nurture and heal mind, body and soul. Spending some time with nature is all we need to untie our soul from the worries and distresses of modern face paced life.There’s beauty all around, nature has spread it’s magic in the air and no one can stop oneself from falling madly in love with the beautiful nature. So just leave yourself free to fall in love. Life is beautiful, live it and love it.

“The earth has its music for those who will listen.”

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”


Shunning away negativity

We are so Incorporated with the idea, “something bad is going to take place.” ?All what curtails us are bad things, bad omens, bad luck and such sort of negativities. From early childhood one thing remain as a true companion till the end of life, never leaving you alone i.e. the words of innumerable people  chanting the same words , “Don’t laugh too much otherwise you’ll have to cry.”  From the adolescent stage this idea is implanted in child’s mind in such a manner that they start believing somewhere in their minds, whether consciously or unconsciously that almost everything will lead to something bad. The breaking of a glass, breaking of a photo frame, weeping of a dog or cat, the road crossing of cat and so many more such mundane actions are considered to be forecasters of something bad to happen. All these things adversely effect the mindsets of people. Unawareingly they start venturing for bad in everything around them. This negativity is spreading like termites, almost leaving no one to enjoy anything wholeheartedly, there’s always an invisible fear of losing the happiness. This shadow of negativity takes complete hold of the mind of  individuals, they start fearing everything around them. This dust of skepticism don’t even leave their family members aside. In bevy of people the obsession turns extremely severe, they go to the extent of harming and even killing others.

Why can’t finding positive in each and every situation  of life be taught instead of observing the negative facets in everything. Life would be much more easier and jolly to live with positivity all around. Earth will eventually turn into heaven. Even the tiniest thing has its own beauty, it only requires a willing eye to observe it. There’s no supreme power damn free to observe each single event of your laughter and happiness. So, just enjoy life to the fullest and shun away this ever perpetuating ghost of fear. Life is much more than just this. It is meant to be enjoyed. “Live and let live.”  Start appreciating the beauty of nature surrounding you. Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. It requires a loving heart, as beauty is what you feel inside.

Sow the seeds of love and the love will germinate..