Are we really free?

How much are your actions in your control? Note your mundane activities are they really what you want to indulge in?  Minutes pass, days pass, weeks pass, months pass, years pass and the whole life passes away but do you feel it has passed in the desired way?  The decisions that you make are they really always your decisions made in a freewill zone?

The answer to this question is no and everyone consciously or unconsciously is aware of this fact. Then what really is grasping us like an ever invisible rope in our necks suffocating us whenever we try to fly. There is always a feeling of oppression present like a perpetual ghost chaining us with its bar. 

From the early childhood we are stamped with a name which ties us with certain ideology set prepared to be served from the birth. Everything is predetermined even before a child gains consciousness and is aware enough of what she/he wants. No you are getting it wrong now. It is not God who is controlling our actions but instead someone else who has made puppets out of us. 

       To be continued…. 

Can anyone guess??