Are we really free?

How much are your actions in your control? Note your mundane activities are they really what you want to indulge in?  Minutes pass, days pass, weeks pass, months pass, years pass and the whole life passes away but do you feel it has passed in the desired way?  The decisions that you make are they really always your decisions made in a freewill zone?

The answer to this question is no and everyone consciously or unconsciously is aware of this fact. Then what really is grasping us like an ever invisible rope in our necks suffocating us whenever we try to fly. There is always a feeling of oppression present like a perpetual ghost chaining us with its bar. 

From the early childhood we are stamped with a name which ties us with certain ideology set prepared to be served from the birth. Everything is predetermined even before a child gains consciousness and is aware enough of what she/he wants. No you are getting it wrong now. It is not God who is controlling our actions but instead someone else who has made puppets out of us. 

       To be continued…. 

Can anyone guess??


26 thoughts on “Are we really free?

  1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

    Society? Beliefs? These are the two things that I can think of, which is holding us by our necks. Most of our limitations are due to our beliefs and thoughts. God doesn’t decide what we have to be or who we have to be. Nor does he give us all the problems. Our thoughts, our beliefs cause problems in our lives.

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      • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

        It must have originated from some fear or mishap. I read in one of the blogs recently about how fear must have originated, there were two cave men, one killed the lion while the other got scared of the roar of the lion. This is how fear started. May be it is true. One incident that caused a rush of adrenaline and increased heart beat started fear. Fear of unknown leads to beliefs.
        And sorry if it showed follow on your blog from me again.🙂 I was checking your post from phone, I clicked on the title and instead of the post it unfollowed.


      • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

        Not just that, it can be from genes too. I read it somewhere, beliefs can be inherited from our ancestors too.


      • God is not harsh..karma is harsh.imagine you gutted someone in bad way,with same intensity you have to’s justice,not harshness.If karma leaves him,even though he committed wrong,then we behave like animals

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      • And if the person is really nice in this birth and deserves due respect I think God will observe the present life behaviour too. If the person has already improved it’s being than all these punishments of past life incidents will lead to disbelief. My viewpoint is God is very merciful but there are a few people who use the name of God to make us their puppets and try to control the whole earth.

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      • I Completely understood your point.As you said people who use the name of god to make us puppets are also doing bad karma,eventually they also suffer.But we people are too foolish and forgot to use logic and common sensing this world..God fear has become a business.


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