First job 

Let’s share the experience of first job. How your experience was? Where you compromised? What changes came in your life?

I have started my first job. The experience is totally different. It’s my third day and the first change I want to talk about is getting up early, this is the most difficult task. Getting up early and then getting ready on time and then reaching on time. I know it’s too much for the morning. The second experience is of giving your whole day to someone. Your day, your commitment job takes a lot from you. The best part is getting the tea. I always used to envy teacher’s tea and now I’m getting one. 

Share your experience


10 thoughts on “First job 

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    Have had so many jobs. Being a writer jobs are like classes or subjects. As a child I would help my father in the yard etc… a lot. I didn’t always get pocket money. I value that because my father once said you don’t need to be paid for doing what family members should want to do to help each other.

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