Weird dreams

I really want to know how these dreams are forged. They are so creative and totally new. And yes weird too. I think if we start jotting down our dreams we can all be the owner of a creative story book comprising all genres. Sometimes they are just totally bewildering ones.

Yesterday, I dreamt that an aeroplane, oh stop let me first define its shape. It was too thin and too long. Then it’s take off platform was a slide that too 80° angle slide. First 3 aeroplanes crashed but like we have some veto power to mould our dreams so luckily everyone was safe. The fourth one succeeded in taking off and after reaching a great height I don’t know how the platform on which we were standing on the ground watching that aeroplane changed. What we saw now was horrendous, six boys came out of the aeroplane and were sticking to the edge of the plane. Now instead of slide there was a small swimming pool down. They jumped one by one from such a great height but somehow landed in that tiny swimming pool safely. They all landed safely and the aeroplane too was safe. The happy ending..

What was this?? Dreams are too weird.. Do share your weird and funny dreams.


7 thoughts on “Weird dreams

  1. I used to dream more. I’d even right them done for later analysis. Lately though I don’t even remember my dreams. Maybe since I started blogging my subconscious has nothing left to process? 😊

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  2. My dreams don’t makes sense whatsoever. At one point I was dreaming I was back in school with an assignment due, then next I’m at the beach and then suddenly I was walking about the shopping mall. If I could only interpret what this meant. Thanks for sharing.

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