A word without sound

How difficult it still is to say the word vagina publically, for woman in this epoch too. There are innumerable women who haven’t articulated the world in their entire lives. Why is it so that men can proudly flaunt about their penis but while saying or hearing the word vagina everyone gets uncomfortable. Even the worse, a girl even can’t say the word vagina in front of the other girl whether she be her sister, mother or friend. The word vagina is substituted by, there or down there. Every part of female genitalia become down there or there. We never hear the word clitoris being introduced to us by mother or teachers. It takes so many years for a woman to know that such a part exists in her own body. This is really strange. The reason is that it has no other function than to give pleasure. If such organ was there in male body there’s no doubt how much it would have been heard about. The irony is men know more about women’s body than majority of the women do.

Do you think that we have really eradicated all the barriers of inequality??