Countering the exploitation

This all started four months back. I was very excited to start my job as I am fond of teaching. I commenced working as an IELTS trainer. I was super excited. On the very first day half of my excitement got ruined because the truth unraveled itself in front of me. I learnt why people run behind government jobs and maintain distance from private jobs. I felt as if someone has robbed me of my freedom. the robbery didn’t stop here. Slowly and slowly I felt as if I am getting deprived of one thing or the other. After two months I was robbed of my freedom, my voice, my excitement, my smile and of the carefree child inside me. I felt as if I have killed someone and am imprisoned harshly for it. The other two months burned me like the fire of hell. I was not able to voice my anguish. I realized one more thing that people let these inhumans to rule and exploit themselves. Whenever I tried to raise my voice I was stifled as the others were not willing to get their freedom back. By the end I felt I deserve this punishment because I have allowed someone to kill myself so I am equally responsible. This guilt feeling of murder gave me encouragement to cease this rule with consent. Finally, I won this battle with a little courage. If I can, everyone can. Please don’t let someone to kill that child inside you. No human is so great to rule you. #raiseyourvoice



Very easily we say things in this epoch. It just came to my mind we let people rule us with our own consent because we don’t have time to think. We know politicians are wrong and various other fields incorporate corrupt people but do we really have time to untangle how they are able to do this to us. It’s all because they have given us money, religion, television, social media, smart phones and so on to keep us occupied and in the meantime through all these apparatuses they make us follow them. Till the time we have all this we won’t be able to get anything right. This hegemony is really appalling.


Obsessed lover

Sometimes this loneliness stifles me.

No one loves me more than this loneliness.

He leaves me alone nowhere.

From the morning to the night to my dreams he follows me everywhere.

Even while being busy with my work for the entire day this loneliness leaves no space to breathe.

Sometimes I want to be alone away from this loneliness but it feels as if loneliness has entangled me with its unbreakable threads.

It feels as if these threads are stiffening their grasp with each passing day.

It’s growing fondness for me is leaving no space for anyone.