It’s too easy to spread hatred among people. Everyone is ready to see others getting brutally killed, to see the bloodshed of innocent people. Is it due to illiteracy? No, because I have witnessed the highly qualified people letting this seed of hatred to sprout. It’s always the politicians and the terrorists who join hands to establish their supremacy, but the ones who always suffer are the normal people. This is not going to end till people all over the world unite and understand that they all are same, and are getting manipulated by a few who practice divide and rule. When will people gain wisdom to get rid of hegemony. I am an Indian, but I don’t hate Pakistan because I know there are people who are like us who want freedom and peace. Why due to the brutal acts of a few are we making them suffer. I don’t know where this all is going to end.


6 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. is hate learned? is love learned? maybe it is just “in” us from the beginning and humans pass it on and on and on… maybe there is a gene that makes humans this way??
    when will it end? i fear it will never end.


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