Review of “An Enemy of the People”

Time and time again your patience is tested and your voice is stifled. You make persistent efforts to bring the truth in front of people, but they take solace in the pseudo fact that ignorance is bliss. There this ignorance even deprives you of your freedom. Even after working for the welfare of others, sans thinking about your own self, what you get is public outcry. You become an enemyof the people because you make them realize their cowardness. They don’t want to be disentangled from this web of lies in which they have learnt to live. There are some who will understand, but lack the courage to do anything, or, you can say, donot want any sort of discomfort in their, ironically, full of thorns life; inconsiderate as they are they again get ready to tread the same path of slavery because that is what they are ingrained with. Perhaps the strongest ones are able to stand alone against the majority which for sure always cast a vote for the wrong.


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