Tragic end

Money cannot ensure happiness. The biggest example was there in front of us today. Sushant Singh Rajput, a renowned face of Bollywood, commited suicide. He had all the luxuries and conveniences, but didn’t have someone to talk to for eschewing the melancholic thoughts and averting this tragedy. More and more people are becoming vulnerable to depression, and it is not a joke. Psychological problems are often ignored as the pain is not visible to others, but these are more grave as they are silent killers; no one knows what a person might be going through. It is vital to keep ourselves psychologically sound. We need to start taking out time to talk to ourselves, and instead of becoming an escapist, we should try to cope with the things that are causing havoc in our mind on priority basis. We also need to try to comprehend the mental state of our loved ones to prevent the pain of bereavement.


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